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Single and Looking? Envision, Imagine, Believe
Posted in: Featured Love & Purpose Love in the Prime
March 27, 2015

Envision, Imagine, Believe In our last column we looked at setting a date for your Plan. You do want to get married and you recognize that you have to set a date by which you will reach your goal and it should not be longer than a year. Did you set your date?  If not, ask yourself Why not?  Did people... more...

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Are You Ready to sell your business?
Posted in: Career Entrepreneurs Featured
March 26, 2015

Sell your business from a position of strength. I received a phone call from a colleague wanting to pick my brain about selling her business. She was in the middle of negotiating the sale of her business. And since I sold my company a couple of years ago and she was interested in learning how I did... more...

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Brits Get Social: Cheltenham Races
Posted in: Amusements Featured Lifestyles
March 25, 2015

With things perking up in the weather department, spring and summer is when events such as horse racing, boating, tennis at Wimbledon and polo matches take place. They are huge fun, fast and fabulous events but without attention to detail and some planning and preparation they could descend into disaster! So,... more...

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A Good Crop: Culottes are in for Spring

By Judy Ninman:   WORTH NEW YORK Spring 2015 has taken fall’s gauchos and redefined them as smartly tailored cropped trousers that go to work as part of a suiting story—at Ferragamo and Calvin Klein Collection—or hit a more laid back note, worn with easy tees and blouses at Worth New York... more...

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Teaming Up For Success
Posted in: Featured Love & Purpose Passionate Work
March 23, 2015

Sometimes a business opportunity is right under your nose. It’s so close you do not recognize it. Here’s a story of a first business alliance for me as an artist. Our paths crossed years ago and our paths developed independently. We met through a women’s business organization and we found we both... more...

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Fennel Salad with Rosemary Montasio
Posted in: Featured Food and Drink Lifestyles
March 23, 2015

I just love salads like this … root vegetables thinly sliced and layered with shavings of cheese and then drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Salads like these are wonderful accompaniments to grilled and roasted meats and can also be served as a first course. And they pair nicely with wines because... more...

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Are Your Headaches Caused By TMJ?
Posted in: Featured Health and Fitness Lifestyles
March 20, 2015

Nearly everyone on occasion experiences a throbbing headache that interferes with concentration or saps the joy from the day. Surprisingly, the pain that emanates from the head can be traced back to the teeth, the bite relationship and the alignment of the lower jaw. Pain doesn’t happen randomly or... more...

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Lila Book Review | Author Marilynne Robinson
Posted in: Amusements Featured Lifestyles
March 19, 2015

Lila is an unusual book in many ways. Unusually beautiful, and an unusual story about a girl rescued as a toddler from an abusive situation. She was slowly being starved to death by a negligent family. The woman who saves her was badly abused herself, and had known only the hardest of times as a child... more...

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